Keanu Reeves might be the only star to make two comebacks into Hollywood and set the trends for action movies for generations to come.

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At the end of John Wick 2, we witnessed Mr. Wick on the run from some of the most powerful men in that world.

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And if these set photos from the 3rd film are any indication, a lot of ass is going to get kicked and that too in some style. 

Riding a horse in the middle of Manhattan! My man!

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Welcome to the John Wick tour of ass whooping!

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And he is kicking the rain in the ass. I guess. Whatever! He looks awesome.

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 If anything happens to that dog, we riot!

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All hail John Wick, the father of dogs!

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Waiting for the bad guys!

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You should be glad it's not a pencil.

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I guess, he got bored of killing people.

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That bike guy did not see that coming. LOL

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BTW, he does his own stunts!

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Arrrgh. The film's releasing on 19th May 2019. That's a long wait. And we can't!