There is a reason Marvel films work better than other superhero movies. I mean, apart from good storytelling, excellently adapted characters with no Martha issues, the one thing that really clicks for Marvel is its humour. 

Marvel has a lot of smartass and a few dumbass characters, who can't stop having fun even in the direst of circumstances. For instance, in the film, Ragnarok, Thor became an orphan, was enslaved, his sister wanted to kill him and to defeat her, he basically nuked his entire planet. Sad, but hey! He unlocked some new cool powers.

Damn! They were all so young.

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Tobey Maguire is still the best Spiderman ever!

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Come on, Bruce!

Father of all daddy issues!

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List of characters in Marvel who can beat Thanos:

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"And I shall strike upon thee with great fury and vengeance". Geddit?

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Straight outta Ragnarok!

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Badass! Although he almost got everyone killed. Still Badass.

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Oh, poor Cap!

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Natasha is so done with Tony.

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You didn't see that coming.

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J. Jonah Jameson is the best journalist there this.

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Uncle Ben! :sob:

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When Hawkeye quoted Jake Peralta.

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That's funny and everything but when the fuck is the new Infinity Wars trailer dropping?