Regardless of how old you get, it's highly imperative you retain your imagination and your appreciation for the bizarre. It's something that can keep you entertained and interesting, plus it can lead to a whole lot of fun times. To that end, the YouTube page Joseph's Machines seems to lead the way in this wacky area of invention. Imagine a real world Willy Wonka dabbling in the creation of everything ranging from stamp-licking machines to power napping contraptions. It's a ball! The inventions are all Rube Goldberg machines, which means they're all over-engineered to perform simple tasks in a complicated fashion, so don't expect much logic.

Check out some of their wacky work below!

1. The stamp licker

If you hate the pasty taste of stamps and despise having to lick them, there's an easy enough solution. Just get your household items together and whip up this literal tear-jerker. Watch the full video here.

A couple of onions, a funnel and your tear ducts will do the rest!

Sealing the envelope ain't all that hard either!

2. The power nap machine

Most people love naps, but it can be a little hard to pull off a comfy drowse when you're in public. Even waking up from an accidental nap can be trauma inducing. Luckily, the peeps at Joseph's Machines have both problems covered. Watch the genius at work here!

Got that metro drowse? A plunger should do the trick!

If you keep passing out while working, there's a whole new technique to prevent that too!

3. The breakfast machine

Need to fit a healthy breakfast, a bit of that sweet juice as well as your morning reading in real quick? Look no further than the breakfast machine

4. The page turner

The entire concept of first world problems doesn't apply when you're in a universe as cuckoo as this one. The page turner solves the 'age old' problem of actually having to lift your hand to turn a newspaper page.

5. The cocktail maker

This alcoholic friendly contraption may not end up with the tastiest of concoctions, but a drink is a drink is a drink eh? Watch the entire process here, and try to keep up!

6. The dresser

We all know how much of a task it is to wake up in the morning and get your shit together. It's hell. But with a little bit of genius and a whole lot of collateral damage, this problem can be easily solved. Watch the full video here!

Mad scientists have never been this much fun to watch! Useless? Probably. Entertaining? Totally!