It was a major achievement for India when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on May 26, inaugurated country's longest bridge- The Dhola-Sadiya bridge. 

And quite fittingly, named it after legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika, who hails from Assam.

But barely three days after the inauguration, the first accident has been reported on the bridge on Monday. 

Two residents of Meseki village, who were travelling from Dhola to Sadiya accidentally hit one of the temporary camps with their speeding motorcycle on Monday night at 9:30 pm, reported The Hindu

Arup Buragohain, 27, lost his left arm in the accident while Dhirenjyoti Chiring, 18 sustained some injuries. 

And all because there are no lights on the bridge! The incident has quite jolted the citizens who are now demanding to install lights for the safety of commuters. 

Source: b'India\xe2\x80\x99s longest bridge in Assam/PTI'

All Tai Ahom Students' Union Sadiya subdivision committee president, Jatin Buragohain told The Telegraph, "You don't move in a house and then propose for lighting arrangement, do you? In the absence of lights, the bridge will become quite vulnerable to accidents and militant attack.''

While the bridge has been hailed as an architectural marvel, the lack of such basic facilities only goes on to defeat the whole purpose behind it.