Winter has exactly two types of takers - lovers or haters, there is no in between. Luckily, both of them are present on the internet to share what they feel about this blessed season. 

We have brought to you the best ones! Depending on what feelings winter induces in you, take your favourite picks.

Only if I were that cute.

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These things really need to get their shit sorted.

Source: BeckyBarnicoatComics

Probably the best thing about winters.

I think the bear is my spirit animal.

Source: BeckyBarnicoat

There's a human underneath these layers, believe me.

Source: flopperydraws

Devil's finest work.

Winter gets me in touch with my inner animal.

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TBH, I need that hibernation too!

Silently praying for unlimited supply of hot water.

Source: artbymoga

What just happened?

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 Truth has been spoken.

Source: adamtots

Ice cream in winter = bliss!

Even winter clothes can't make me look beautiful.

Source: PlanetPrudence

You gotta think your decisions through.

Fashion or warmth, you get only one!

Source: JakesLikesOnions

Winter lovers will know.

It's shaped itself on me, I can't commit to something else anymore.

Source: AyushiSinha

Armouring myself with clothes.

Meet me when the sun shines bright.

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True well-wisher.

They should give me an award for just showing up in winter.

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Observation skills on point.

Winter mandates snuggling.

Source: marloesdevee

Yes, please.

I could be the author of that.

Source: natalyalobanova

Well, we can't argue with that.

I can come, if I can bring my blanket along.

Source: LorynBrantz

 In conclusion, we humans can never be satisfied.

Source: EvisaIsabellaRose

Love it or hate it, you're gonna miss it when it's gone.

Tell us what you feel about this grey season.