Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and his family definitely seem to be checking off the must do lists, in their week long India visit

Having already visited Taj Mahal, Sabarmati Ashram and other places, Trudeau and his family got together for a star studded evening with Bollywood celebrities. 

Currently on their way to Amritsar, the Canadian first family met Bollywood celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Farhan Akhtar, amongst others, on Tuesday. 

Source: Twitter

Donned in traditional attire, Trudeau and his family made for adorable pictures, even as they discussed production opportunities.

Many celebrities took to social media to share their experience, and it definitely looks like there was too much charm to be captured in pictures. 

1. When our favorite PM met King Khan, SRK. 


2. Aamir Khan and Justin Trudeau definitely make for a picture perfect look. 

Source: Deccan Chronicle

3. Farhan Akhtar mentioned that Trudeau's effort for gender equality are inspirational. We agree! 

Source: Instagram

4. According to Anupam Kher, Trudeau is a charming conversationalist. Well, his charm has never been in question! 

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

5. Even Maddy was floored by the charm and grace of Trudeau, and that picture looks like a million bucks. 

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Justin Trudeau even posted this video with SRK on Instagram, and it definitely seems to capture the evening perfectly. 

Well, this definitely looks like one star studded visit