Tales of what goes on behind closed doors in the kitchens of famous restaurants is the fodder for many gossipy conversations over tea among people. Another such story has surfaced and this time regarding a famous restaurant everyone used to praise for their delicious food. Kake Da Hotel, a popular restaurant in Connaught Place is in a bit of a soup after a video showing off their unsanitary dough-kneading techniques went viral online.

Source: IndiaToday

Twitter user Kaveri has uploaded a video in which a man on the roof of the restaurant is standing with his feet in a utensil. It becomes evident in a while that he is kneading dough with his feet. The video has left several feeling queasy. Watch the video below.

Following outrage and a formal complaint, the Department of Food Safety in Delhi called for an inspection at the eatery.

Source: IndiaToday

The video stirred up Twitterati, with responses flowing in:

While some had heard or seen this happening before,

Some were left regretting their last meal at the eatery.

Several loyalists were left disappointed.

Many could feel their last meal rising up their throats.

Several people could not leave their sense of humour behind.

I guess our moms were always right about ghar ka khana.