So you've grown up with stories of Cinderella and Snow White like the rest of us? And held those sweet tales of true love and forever after close to your heart?

I don't blame you. But as you grow older and start living in the 'real world' you do realize something is wrong. Our ideas of love and relationships don't quite match up to what really happens to us.

Kalki, with her powerful performance, takes down every fairy tale that has coloured our vision of romance and true love. Of living up to the image of prince and princesses. 

She performed this piece at a Spoken Fest organized by Kommune, a performing arts collective.

Here is some glitter from the gold mine.

Fairy tales have defining characteristics for heroes and villains. In real life, though, that does happen. Evil does not come painted black.

Those times in fairy tales, when practicality loses to plot.

When both men and women have to live up to the ideas propagated by fairy tales in real life.

The constant contradictions men have to internalize.

Men are not your knight in shining armour ready to save the day. They're just like you figuring out their way.

Fairy tales can be misleading not just for little girls but for little boys too who have to live up to an idea of 'idealism'.

Watch the full video by Kommune here: