Rapper Kanye West recently tweeted the picture of his seat at a wedding with the caption that just read 'another great seat'. Wow, Kanye. That's really specific of you.

Anyhow, what seemingly caught the attention of his Indian followers was a dish on the menu that said, 'Rajasthani Gnocchi'. 

That's weird because us Indians do not have the slightest idea as to what the fuck that dish is.

Anyhow, people being people, started assuming what the dish might be. 

I really hope you're speaking about the bride here when you say, 'oh white people'.

Uhhh, is it though?

Someone who knows her food!

Bhai ko alag hi issue hai menu se.

This could be a huge mistake though.

Agar 1 crore ka sawal hota to sure hoti aap?

No. It's quite probable that it might be baati too!

Yeah. It's just a generation removed from momo wali hari chutney!

Lel. The last time I was this obvious, my mom was 4 months pregnant!

Okay, guys. I have guessed enough. Rajasthani people reading this, you're up!