Karan Johar is a director, a talk show host, and now a radio host. Recently, he has taken up the job of an RJ on 104 Ishq FM, where he dishes out relationship advice to young people who are struggling in their love lives. 

We compiled some of his noteworthy pieces of advice to callers, which might help you in your personal lives too. 

To people whose partners force them to change their personalities


To people stuck in toxic relationships


To women who are rejected by egoistic men who care more about a woman’s virginity than her honesty


To overweight women whose parents worry about not finding a good suitor


To finding love after getting divorced


To gay men who have married women under the pressure of their family


To people who let ego ruin their relationships


To couples who don’t know the meaning and importance of relationship boundaries


To people who are scared of getting married because they have seen too many bad marriages


To people rejecting someone


Do you find any of this advice useful? You can watch some webisodes here.