For sticks and stones may break your bones, what you say stays on the internet forever. Arvind Kejriwal is a living embodiment of this statement. His crusade against a corrupt system is now overshadowed with his over-the-top statements.

He recently said that Narendra Modi is baying for his blood. He even blamed Modi of conspiring against him and that the Prime Minister can soon get him killed.

He was trolled by social media users for a long time. 

That had us thinking about the statement. Is he the first to have claimed that an opposition party leader wants to get him/her killed? Most definitely not. Modi had claimed that Congress might get him killed in 2014 while addressing a rally.

Source: The Political Funda

According to an ANI report, Modi was addressing a rally in Ahmadabad in 2014 when he said 

"The Congress does not like the fact that a tea seller is challenging and questioning such a big political empire. They keep looking for chances to kill me and beat me".

Two years later, Kejriwal did the same. It seems like the Delhi Chief Minister is learning the ropes of politics from Modi.