You into mysteries, guys? Well, look no further 'cause a woman near you probably has a handbag you will never figure out. Such is the incomprehensible nature of a woman's purse, I believe we can all agree. Men don't own them so they've never had a chance, but even a woman that has one likely wouldn't be able to confidently tell you how the very complex and delicate ecosystem of a purse works. It just somehow does...? Like just for her..?

Well, funnyman Kenny Sebastian is back with a new Chai Time video and this time he's talking about the mysterious realm that is a woman's purse. In this hilarious sit-down with his audience, Kenny gave us a chemical breakdown of all that makes up the purse and how we as men and women react with this mystical object.

Kenny, as a modern, feminist man, pointed out how he never really got the whole hype over a guy holding a woman's purse.

And having to go into one, causes tiny panic attacks, 'cause... what if you get lost?

But here's the REAL source of all that panic.

But some of these things just... make no sense to men.

But when it comes to carrying bags, the men of the world are playing a whole other ballgame.

The rules are different. The rules are... unfair.

Watch his complete hilarious set right here:

Thank you, Kenny. Because of you, the enigma of the women's purse, that haunted society for generations, will no longer plague young minds. Now we can finally focus on building flying cars and shit. Phew!

All images sourced from Kenny Sebastian via YouTube