1. The one who respects your parents.

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2. The one who makes you laugh till your stomach hurts.

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3.  The one who will not judge you for your past.

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4. The one who is rational enough to not get influenced.

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5. The one who makes you feel that he is proud of you.

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6. The one who does not take time in saying sorry.

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7. The one who makes silence comfortable.

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8. The one who builds your confidence.

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9. The one who introduces you to his friends and family without hesitation.

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10. The one who is passionate about both his career and you.

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11. The one who knows how to cook.

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12. The one who will kiss your forehead while you are asleep.

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13. The one who will watch cheesy romantic movies just because you want to.

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14. The one who will leave his office party to have dinner with you.

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15. Who will take a leave from work if you are sick.

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16. The one who will not have a fear of commitment.

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17. The one who will never ask you to not wear something.

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18. The one who will show interest in you beyond your looks.

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19. The one who will be there with you at your worst.

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20. The one who won't have a problem with you having male friends.

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21. The one who won't force his will on you.

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22. The one who'll send you hand-written letters.

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23. The one who'll actually listen to what you're saying. 

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24. The one who will prefer your pictures without any filter.

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25. The one who would appreciate you taking the lead.

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26. The one who would be proud of his imperfections.

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27. The one who won't treat you as an option. 

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