It's strange to imagine celebrities in some situations, right? I mean, it's normal to read about our favourite stars traveling in Ibiza or shopping on the streets of London but the moment we hear of them, say, taking an auto in Mumbai, things sound a bit odd. *Don't they always stay in their fancy-facing-the-sea penthouses and step out in nothing less than a Range Rover?* That being said, it doesn't really mean they don't lead lives like you and I. And that's exactly why, despite feeling strange, it's always fun to see the real side of our glam idols.

Bollywood diva, Kriti Sanon recently faced one such unexpected situation - she got stuck in a lift. While most of us are likely to panic and punch all buttons of the lift, the actress seemed to have another cause of worry and was in a completely different state-of-mind altogether.

Luckily, she had a network on her phone...

But when you're hungry, phones can't do much it seems! 

Thankfully, a little shuffle in her bag turned out to be fruitful! Look at that happy, happy face.

Eventually, as she got rescued, she thanked all her fans for their messages and support. 

As it turns out, our dear Bitti has now learnt a lesson - to be always ready for a hunger emergency. After all, a lift isn't the only place one can get stuck in; there are those never-ending traffic jams, boring lectures and meetings that you just can't escape. But hunger shouldn't be ignored, right?

What can I say? Thank you, Kriti, for showing that all of us go through the same level of crazy, when stuck in such a situation, indeed!