You know, spotting a diet-conscious woman is really not that hard. I've been one of them, so I can always tell when you've been cutting back on sweets, going in for the salad, and lowering your head to walk past the soft-drinks stalls on the road. I also know, from sheer experience, that sooner or later, you're going to say, "To hell with it," and dive into a bucket of good ol' fried chicken and eat it the way it's meant to be: with grease on your fingers. 

Yep, balancing our diets may often be tricky, but there is one thing that every woman should know about staying healthy: we don't have to kill ourselves while doing it. A little indulgence here, a small tuck there, and voila! So, here are some figures from HealthifyMe's HealthifyMeter Gender Watch 2017 Report, which will do all of you worrying about what you're eating some good. 


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According to dietary recommendations, you should maintain a ratio of 20:30:50 in your intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Numbers, however, show a 13% disparity between protein intakes for women and men. Even more surprising is the fact that the figure holds true pan India. The difference is highest in the north-eastern states of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.


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With 56.6% of their average diet comprising them, women consume more carbohydrates than men. The intake of fats, too, is higher among women at 29.2%, as compared to 28.8% for men.


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8.8% of a woman’s average diet consists of fruits, meaning what we lack in control, we make up for in diet.


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It seems women are more determined to defeat those Monday blues than men. Not only do women go in for healthier snacks like fruits and chaats on a regular basis but they also consume higher amounts of the same on Mondays. Men, on the other hand, prefer to stick to Samosas, egg whites, and milk for snacks.


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You don’t have to tell us to eat our vegetables. HealthifyMeter's report shows that men consume almost 10% fewer vegetables than women, particularly during lunch and dinner.


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Perhaps it’s the diets or a general dislike towards waking up early in the morning, but women log in almost 20% fewer steps than men on any given day. Additionally, while men prefer walking, running, driving, cycling or going to the gym, women tend to gravitate towards less rigorous activities such as cooking, cleaning, aerobics and TV workouts.


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Okay, yeah, since I’m munching on a muffin as I write this, the part about having a sweet tooth might be true. According to HealthifyMeter's report, chocolate based desserts are most popular among women. Where individual consumption per instance is concerned, however, men consume almost 20% more chocolate than women. 


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With a large part of their diets consisting of fruits and vegetables, it’s no surprise that women eat 30% less non-vegetarian foods than men. Keeping up with our healthy diets gets exhausting, though, since the consumption of meaty foods goes up as the weekend comes closer. 

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