Leonardo DiCaprio cares about climate change. He cares about the world you leave behind for your children's children.

Leonardo Dicaprio doesn't smoke. He vapes.

For those who do not know, a vapourizer, or a vape pen, is used to well, vapourize the contents you put in the pen. There's no smoke, only vapour. And this is what it looks like.

Source: b'Imgur'

On the interwebs, "I vape" has become the new "I'm a vegan". This is how Urban Dictionary defines it.

Anyhoo, right after breaking the Internet by finally winning an Oscar, Leo DiCaprio stepped into what looks like a restaurant/club to celebrate. And he vaped so hard, he almost forgot his golden statue there. As he was about to leave the place, a gentleman from the restaurant walked up to his car and returned it to him.

Check it out.

Damn Leo, back at it again with the vapes!