To the members of the LGBTQ community, 

You deserve a soft epilogue, my loves. You are good people, you have suffered enough. 

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In times when giving up on relationships has become so easy; and so frequent.

In times when relationships start on free apps on the phone, and die even before your heart gets a chance to feel any emotion.

In times when people are scared of developing any kind of attachment.

In these times, there are people who loved with the tag of a 'criminal'. Let that sink in. 

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Loving a person of same sex or belonging to any of the communities reduced to a mere alphabet, is an emotionally draining experience, the intensity of which is truly understood only by people who go through it.

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The stigma.

Source: Advocate

In the middle of this storm, their love still stands strong. 

Don't ask me how, because I don't have an answer to that question. 

I only have gratitude for the people of the community for showing us that when love is true, you hold on to it. 

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Heterosexuality is considered to be a default, something evident by the tag 'straight'.

My question here is, what part of being gay is so 'crooked'? 

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Is it the acceptance of who they are?

Or, is it loving unconditionally? 

Not succumbing to the societal pressure, then? 

The answer is, none of the above. 

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You ask people what their understanding of the word 'love' is, and they will tell you different things.

So it's beautiful how, even though the definition of love is different for different people, the sentiment is the same for every human on this planet.

But this concept, which seems pretty simple to me, is not so simple after all. 

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I am not saying that heterosexual love is flawed or not true.

I am just pointing out that the people of the LGBTQ community have had it very, very difficult. 

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They have gone through ups and downs, criminalization and decriminalization, but have still stood strong by their beliefs. 

To all you guys, thank you. 

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With the decriminalization of homosexuality, even the parts of my being that have turned cynical over time, want to go on the rooftop and scream, 'LOVE WINS'. 

Even those parts feel hopeful today.