“Just do what works for you, because there will always be someone who thinks differently.”-Michelle Obama

It's the 21st century, people! We finally live in a world where "So, what do you do?" is no more a perennial conversation starter and a world where there's been a seismic change in how the new generation perceives gender. 

It is no longer a rare sight to find a woman working as an electrician, an app developer, a pilot or for that matter, even a biker. These women are giving courage to those who are shoehorning their skills into available jobs. One such woman who has won hearts and opened doors to many other women is Roshni Misbah. 

Do you think a woman can't become a bike-rider? Think again! Liberty India along with Roshni is shattering stereotypes like a boss. Their video for their new arrivals Leap 7X featuring the hijab-clad motorcyclist is riding over these prolonged stereotypes and aiming at gender empowerment through their #ChalBadhChal campaign. Also known as the 'Hijabi Biker', Roshni decided to take the road less traveled and drove over patriarchy with panache. She is badass, confident, unapologetic, and is looking beyond what is written about women by the misogynistic  society. She leaves the male riders biting the dust, literally! 

Watch her break gender stereotypes as she vrooms away on her super bike.