The M word can wreak havoc on the touchy sanskaars of most Indian households. That is, if it were ever to be discussed openly, which is highly unlikely. While sex was a strict no-no, masturbation was equivalent to committing the gravest forbidden sin. And if you ever took to touching your love button, you were either out of your wits and didn't want kids in the future or you were just a big pervert. 

It was quite late in life that we realized masturbation is just about taking care of yourself, sexually, and that it's a natural need that our body craves from time to time. It was as necessary as eating, farting and pooping.

But that's not what we were told, right? We were told that it's unacceptable and doing it would make us fatter, uglier, impotent, etc etc. 

We thought we'll open your eyes to all the horrid lies we were fed about masturbation, so you don't fall for them ever again. Here you go: 

Amazing designs by Disha Bhanot

Here's to some self-loving, you guys! 

Source: Gawker