Kerala has once again proved itself to be a pioneer for change with an incredible step towards abolishing the deep-rooted discrimination based on caste and religion in our society.

Aiming to build a casteless society, over 1.2 lakh students in Kerala taking admission in class 1 left their caste and religion columns blank.

Recently, Kerala footballer CK Vineeth received praise for marking his son’s religion as ‘nil’ on the birth certificate.  

According to the figures collected from over 9000 schools in the state, out of 3.16 lakh students who took admission in class 1, over 1.24 chose to leave their caste and religion column blank.

A report by Hindustan Times says that it’s a growing trend among the parents and children and once the caste/religion column is left blank, the officials have no role in it. Speaking in the state legislative assembly, State education minister Prof C Ravindranath said:

This year at the time of admission a record number of 1.24 lakh students have left religion and caste columns blank while seeking admission. This shows secular credentials of our society.

Can we expect to see the same happening in other parts of India as well?