We are all guilty of walking into work, fully rested but still yawning. We are all also guilty of whiling away time, just to get through the day so we can go home and waste some more time doing something really useless. There are days when we find it hard to be productive because we are really “burned out” or feel saturated.

Here is a man who is a 102 and will give us all a run for our money. He is one of the oldest doctors in Pune and works tirelessly, seven days a week.


On the 15th of March, 2017, Dr. Balwant Ghatpande became one of the oldest doctors in Pune.

“Until my death I wish to continue to practice medicine. I pray that I should die while working in the dispensary,” Dr Balwant Ghatpande told India Times.

“Being a doctor is one the most noble professions, where you can do the highest service to people. It gives humanitarian satisfaction, as well financial security. I have received everything from this profession, from reputation to money and the goodwill of people,” he added.

He describes himself as a workaholic and doesn’t like to sit idle. When not treating patients, he’s increasing his knowledge of the field by reading medical journals or newspapers.

He only charges Rs 30 per patient and ends up donating most of his earnings to charity.


 Still complaining about your work?