The Internet is littered with weird challenges. It’s rather mind-boggling to know the lengths that people would go to, to become the next big sensation.

Here are some of the weirdest challenges that we, unfortunately, had to see in 2018.

1. Neymar challenge 

26-year-old Neymar’s extravagant reactions to tackles during this year’s World Cup tournament quickly made him a meme.


The challenge is self-explanatory – do your best impression of a rolling and writhing Neymar.

2. The snoot challenge

This challenge showed dog parents across the world how much of a dime their furry friends actually give for just another social media post. It’s an adorable challenge nonetheless. Dog owners made rings out of their hands and the pets tried to fit their mouths in them.

But not every dog wanted to become a sensation on social media.

3. The Dele Alli challenge

It all began when one fine day, Dele Alli, a Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, did something with his fingers, which unleashed a monster on social media. The challenge got people to twist their fingers to outline their eyes.

And obviously, people hopped on the bandwagon.

Not to be outdone, Dele got in on the game and did a new and improved ‘motion’.

But even he cannot top this.

4. Karma is a bitch challenge

One way to exact revenge on your enemies to look very frigging good, and that’s exactly what the challenge was about. To execute it people recorded themselves with their ‘normal’ face. To add the drama, they covered the camera with their hand, and when they took it off, they looked completely changed. What follows next is Veronica’s fabled words from Season 2 of Riverdale, “Oh well. Karma’s a bitch.”

5. #InMyFeelings challenge

The viral track, In My feelings, from Drake’s album, Scorpion, turned into a challenge when American comedian Shiggy posted a video where he got out of a moving car to dance to the song.

Since then, the challenge has been making people jump out of cars and dance to the song. While it may sound fun, it has led to people being run over, getting injured, and has even landed some in jail.

And Indians had their own take on the challenge.

6. The Invisible challenge

The challenge started with a magician, Justin William, who performed a fake magic trick on a person which tricked that person into believing that he’s invisible.

The trend soon caught up and people started posting videos using the hashtag #InvisibleChallenge. This is more of a prank than a challenge though. But the results were hilarious nonetheless.

7. What the fluff challenge

The purest thing that graced the internet in 2018, what the fluff challenge left many a pet puzzled.

Pet owners would wave a blanket in front of their pets and pretend to vanish. 

8. Shoot dance challenge

The hook step from the music video of Shoot by BlocBoy JB became really popular among youngsters, and they challenged the friends to do it too.

It became so popular that Fortnite actually included it as one of their emotes.


9. Tide-pod challenge

One of the mindless and dangerous challenges to have graced 2018, the Tide-pod challenge had youngsters eat detergent from a pod! Many of the dumb and attention-hungry people actually tried eating the poisonous and highly toxic detergent

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10. Falling Stars challenge

The Falling Stars challenge was a way for the elite youth to flaunt their wealth on social media. The elite used to post photos of themselves splayed out on the ground with their expensive personal items artfully dropped when they fell. That’s quite a way to flaunt your luxury items on the proletariat.

11. Condom snorting challenge

The challenge is just to stuff an unused condom up a nostril and inhale until it slides into the throat and then pulls it out from the mouth. Now that’s a really bizarre and dangerous ‘trick’ to gain attention on social media.

Did y’all indulge in any of these mindless challenges too?