In case you didn’t know, we’re living in times when absolutely no one is on time. 

Getting late has become a habit and punctuality has gone out of the window. Running late for a meeting, running late for a movie, running late for the doctor’s appointment, etc etc. Basically, Milind Soman aside, most of us are only running late! 

However, thankfully, there’s still a minority of people who pride in their punctuality and are always on time. 

They may be chided as ‘abnormal’ by most people but they’re hell bent on never getting late. And contrary to popular opinion, these punctual people deserve more respect than they get. After all, it’s not easy to always be on time! 

If you’re a punctual person, you’ll know how tough it can get at times. And if you know someone always on time, you’d have seen their struggles. 

Here are 16 everyday things you’d relate to if punctuality is the name of your game: 

1. You’re always the first one to arrive everywhere, be it in office or at a party.


2. Newspapers and books are your best friends because people are not as punctual as you, making you wait every single time.


3. The guilt of reaching even 5 minutes late is unbearable!


4. You map everything from the time it’ll take you to park your car to the number of steps you’ll have to take.


5. You know the exact duration from one metro station to another.


6. You’re a morning person. Waking up early helps you plan your day better.


7. People get annoyed with your habit of coming on time because they’re always late.


8. You always submit your assignments two days prior to the deadline.


9. Your parties start and end exactly on time.


10. You’ve had at least one break-up where the reason was your partner always being late!


11. You start planning your outfit at least a week before any party.


12. A wrist watch is your favorite accessory.


13. You’re always quick to respond to messages, emails and calls.


14. Traffic jams are your worst nightmare!


15. You know the fastest route to every possible location in the city.


16. You’d rather take a holiday alone because waiting for your friends will only waste your time. 


As they say, time is money!