“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

There are few nations in the world who spare a thought about the need for co-existing with animals. Human expansion often trespasses on and even destroys natural habitats leaving animals with meagre options for survival. The fact that animals are also living beings with the desire to live is often forgotten in our greed. However, with animal activists striving to spread awareness about this, several nations have woken up to the need of protecting animals. Bridges and underpasses for animals are built on roads to avoid accidents and deaths by vehicles and laws are put in place safeguarding animals. 

Here are some images of bridges built for animals in different countries to help them cross roads safely:

1. Animal Bridge In Alberta, Canada

2. Bee Highway In Oslo, Norway

3. Ecoduct In Colorado

4. Ecoduct In Germany

5. Bridge For Animals Near Banff, Canada

6. Bridge For Monkeys And Other Animals To Cross Over The Road In Bahia, Brazil

7. Underpass For Bears Under The Trans-Canada Highway In Banff National Park

8. Ecoduct Duinpoort, About Halfway Between Zandvoort And Haarlem, The Netherlands

9. Wildlife Overpass In Banff, Alberta

10. Salmon Cannon In Columbia River, Eastern Washington

11. Ecoduct In The Netherlands

12. Cattle Underpass In Victoria, Australia

13. Elephant Underpass In Kenya

14. Salamander Tunnels In New England

15. Ecoduct In Banff National Park, Canada

16. Crab Bridge On Christmas Island

17. A Tunnel For Animals Under The Highway, Finland

18. A Green Wildlife Bridge Over An Autobahn In Germany

19. Turtle Tunnel In Japan

20. A Rope Bridge Over The Hume Freeway In Victoria

21. Wildlife Crossing In The Netherlands

22. Ecoduct In Singapore

23. Amphibian Crossing In California

24. Squirrel Bridge In Washington 

25. Blue Penguin Underpass In New Zealand

All images from Bored Panda.