Someone asked on Quora: What is the lifestyle of an IAS officer?

The readers got acquainted with the life of an IAS officer via an anonymous answer which provided them inside details about the profession including the salary, the pay and perks and even the allegations related to corruption. This candid answer came from an IAS officer himself who has been a part of the system for more than a decade. The post has been shared on social media many times and has over 228.7k views and 11.4k upvotes on Quora.

He talked about the pay and bonuses associated with the profession that seem luxurious on the outside and busted misconceptions about the same. 

He further added –

“Free phone facility depends upon post and state. In one state, DMs are entitled for only Rs 2000 per month for residential landline plus residential internet plus mobile. So around 20% DMs in such case quietly pay around Rs. 1000-2000 per month from their pocket. All states have some upper limit on bills.”       

Corruption is a sad reality. Agree or not, we already know what he is trying to explain.

“Out of 52 Sundays per year, zero work Sundays are around 5 to 10. Saturdays, despite being holidays are usually working. Field officers usually do most of the work on holidays because on that day less no of visitors and phone calls disturb thinking process. All judgments, complicated files are usually cleared only on holidays or after 10pm.”

So, why are officers like him still in IAS serving the nation with utmost sincerity despite all these challenges? He has the perfect answer.

Read his entire post here.

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