I’d like to believe I’m not easily scared. 

Having jumped off a plane and dived deep into the sea, there’s not much that makes me weak in the knees. I’ve loved and lost so that’s also checked off the list. I haven’t played with fire, literally, but then, there’s a difference between brave and beyond repair, right?

Basically, I’m quite courageous. I’m not scared of adversity. I stand up for what I believe in and I’m always willing to take on a new adventure. I’m not scared of many things. 

The only thing I’m really scared of are Saturday nights! 

Because that one night, every week, I’m living under the fear of coming across as not ‘cool’ and socially relevant. I’m stressed about not being labeled a ‘party pooper’. I’m scared that my friends, colleagues and acquaintances might not make me a social outcast. So, what do I do? I quietly pick up a glass of alcohol and take small sips, all this while pretending that I’m having a great time. 

Even if I don’t like drinking, I somehow HAVE to drink or else, how will I make friends?

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s being forced to drink alcohol.

The next time you’re in a club, bar, lounge or even a restaurant, take a good look around you. Every table and every corner would have atleast one scared soul who’ll be drinking as if their social life depended on it. And sadly, their social life would be on stake!

What is with all the alcohol lovers? 

Have atleast one drink, yaar!“, “Stop being such a bore!“, “You don’t drink? WTF! Why?” 

It’s like living in a jungle. If you want to survive, you have got to down a shot. Or, sit and home and never face the world. 

Har ek friend zaruri hota hai? Actually, har ek friend ke saath peena zaruri hota hai

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Unfortunately, drinking has now become a means of social engagement. 

Want to catch up with a friend? Meet them for a drink. Want to ask someone out? Ask them for a drink. Planning a gathering with colleagues? Plan the drinks menu first. Throwing your birthday party? Make sure there’s enough alcohol. Getting married? There better be a cocktail night. 

Next thing you know, you’ll be busy stocking your bar before you die because why have a prayer meet that isn’t serving some red wine atleast! 

Why has every opportunity to meet someone become an excuse to drink? Are we completely unable to have an engaging conversation without being high? Or does everyone we know appear less boring when we’re a few drinks down?

Are we just looking for an opportunity to drink and meeting a friend just happens to be an excuse? 

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I don’t like to drink. Never have, never will.

However, I have never judged those who choose to consume alcohol. I have friends who love drinking. Colleagues who need a beer (or two) on a Friday evening. Family that certainly wants to have a well-stocked bar for functions. And that’s fine. 

It’s their life and their choice. Just how it is my choice to not drink. 

When I can respect everyone’s choice to drink, why can’t people accept my choice to not? 

No matter where I go, there’s some kind of pressure to drink.

Firstly, there’s the pressure to look cool. Then, there’s the pressure to not spoil everyone else’s fun. Then, you can’t not be a part of a celebration by choosing to not drink. 

Aaj tere Bhai ka birthday hai aur tu ek drink nahi peeyega?

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Drinking should be a choice and not a social compulsion.

Of course, no one is pointing a gun to your head, asking you to have some vodka. But those who drink would never understand the plight of those who don’t want to drink. 

It’s like standing in a candy store, looking at everyone buying all the colorful goodies. Except that, you just don’t want any candy but you’re being forced to stand there and somehow, taste one or two flavours. 

It’s also about the looks, stares and comments you get if you’re the one who doesn’t swear by alcohol. I know atleast 10 people who’ve stopped receiving invites for birthday parties because, “yaar, wo peeta hi nahi hai to party mein karega kya!“. Not kidding!

If I don’t want to drink, you don’t have to treat me like a social outcast, right? You don’t have to make me feel like a samosa that’s caught in the land of waffles and pancakes! 


It’s time for all the non-drinkers, including yours truly, to stand up and take a stand!

We shouldn’t tolerate this blatant intolerance anymore. We’re all fun, exciting people even though we’re not sharaabis

Don’t think I’m uncool. Don’t believe that I’m ruining your ‘scene’ just because there’s isn’t a glass in my hand. 

Don’t treat me like a loser. Don’t make me feel weird. Don’t guilt me into drinking. 

You can have as much of alcohol as you want. Just that alcohol isn’t my cup of tea! 

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