There are many stories about a mother’s selfless love and sacrifice for her kids. But how often are we able to pay back to the woman who brought us into this world and nurtured us until we were on our own?

Call it repaying that selfless love or the unconditional devotion for his mother, for the last 20 years, a doting son in China has been dressing up as a woman to help his mother cope up with the trauma of his sister’s death.

The devoted son, from Guilin in the Guangxi region of China, wears a traditional cheongsam dress. In a video that went viral, the man told that he began dressing up as a woman after his mother showed some signs of illness post the demise of his sister. Not only does he pose as his dead sister, but he also feeds his elderly mother and looks after her every day. 

He told BBC:

She was so happy, so I kept doing it. I’ve basically been living as a woman ever since. I don’t own any men’s clothing.

The unnamed man in his fifties is unmarried and can be seen carrying his mother everywhere in an auto rickshaw. Such is his love and dedication, that he doesn’t bother one bit when people ridicule him for dressing up like a woman because he says he’s doing it for his mother.

Why would I be afraid of people laughing at me?

His mother, on the other hand, is fully convinced that her son is indeed her daughter. She said:

She is my daughter. When my other daughter died, she became my daughter.

The man garnered a lot of attention on the Chinese microblogging website, Sina Weibo, where a majority of people praised him while a few questioned his choice. 

But regardless of what people think, this man is taking care of his mother to the best of his ability, giving us all a lesson in unconditional love.