We all are aware of the evergreen saying, “Communication is key.” Be it friends, family or your romantic relationship with someone, it all depends on how effectively you express yourself and how calmly you understand what the person on the other end needs. Follow these 7 tips to strengthen the communication aspect in your relationship and keep it healthy and happy.

1.Your partner cannot read your mind

People often think that when we love someone we can understand what the other person is going through. Well, let’s be a little practical about it here. Your partner loves you a lot but still cannot read your mind. This makes it important for you to communicate with him or her. So, next time you are feeling low or you have some issues, don’t wait for your bae to figure it out on their own. Get up, speak up and solve it. 

2. Make sure you meet and talk

Another common mistake people do when it comes to communication is that they tend to discuss major issues and matters of concern over text and phone calls. This may seem convenient but it is ineffective. Texting lacks voice tone and phone calls lack facial expressions and the absence of both of them can create a situation of miscommunication. So, always discuss the big stuff in a face to face conversation.

3. Listen to respond and not to react

Every relationship goes through a phase where partners experience issues like the difference in thinking, diversified ideologies etc.  At that time, it is really important to communicate. Communication is not about listening and reacting, communication is about listening and responding. Make sure you carefully listen to what your partner is trying to tell you and reconnect it word by word inside your head. Respond only when you have understood what they are trying to say to the best of your capacity. 

4. Use the word ‘I’ more than ‘You’

Now by this, I meant that instead of attacking your partner with “you” statements,  take down your defenses and let them know how you are feeling. Switch your statement from “You never give time to me.” to “I feel upset when you don’t give time to me.” This will sound less accusatory and you will be able to make your point of view more approachable.

5. Always and always make an eye-contact

Whenever you’re having a conversation with your partner, make sure you maintain positive eye-contact with them. Eyes can be a great way to indicate your seriousness towards a particular topic as well as will ensure your partner that you are really into him or her. 

6. Do not complete your partner’s sentences

One thing we all tend to do subconsciously is that we end up completing our partner’s sentences. Now, I know it has been a good time since you both are together and you know each other inside out but not letting your partner finish up what they are saying will not show that you know them a lot, it will show that you are not really that interested to listen to them and this can be a negative thing for your relationship. 

7. Repeat what you heard

Another great way of making the communication part of your relationship strong is by reflecting back what your partner is saying as per your understanding. Make sure you hear them completely and then start your response by checking back that you actually got their point This lets your partner know that you really care about the message being conveyed and that you are investing in making the relationship better. 

Do you know how important oxygen is for the human body to stay alive? Now understand, your relationship is a living body and communication is its oxygen.