You know it’s hard enough waking up to get to work on time in the morning. And with your job hanging on the line peering through a misty windshield while you narrowly avoid other drivers and dividers is stress you can do without. 

While some cars come with a single button to instantly defog your windows others require a combination of buttons and knobs for maximum effect. Hot air or cold air, recirculated air or air conditioning? Mark Rober, a spaceship engineer, conducts a quick tutorial after extensive debate and experimentation on how to achieve best results in the shortest time. 

Science, bitch!

Turn heater on full blast because hot air can hold more moisture.

By turning on the air conditioning the moisture from the air is drawn out as cold air passes over the coils.

Turn inside air circulation off  – since winter air is cold the moisture in the air is lower.

Cracking windows open just a little bit will exchange the moisture laden air inside the car with dry air outside.

And while Rober tried anti-fog liquid on a portion of the glass he also tried shaving cream and found that both performed satisfactorily. 

So, go ahead and make your winter mornings that much more efficient. You can watch the full video right here: