It indeed inspired a lot of people and spread some much-needed warmth and cheer. How we wish it had remained like that. 

Yesterday we ran a story about a man in Kerala feeding hungry children in a restaurant and receiving quite an unusual bill. The story said that the bill had no amount but a simple message that read “We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity. May good things happen to you.”

But Times Of India carried a report today saying that all might not be so fairy tale-like in this story. The man, Akhilesh Kumar, a techie from Kerala, might have given his own desirable twist to the tale. 

All this surfaced after some locals said that the details on his Facebook post describing the incidents didn’t quite add up. The actual events did occur but some parts were fabricated. 

Some people have mentioned that the bill with the restaurant’s message that he had originally displayed on his post, is a forgery. Kumar confirms the allegations. He says that the incidents did occur but he lost the original bill, so, he used one he found on Google and wrote the message on it verbatim. 

Some people have said that the restaurant would not have allowed street children and beggars to enter the premises, while some say that the description and location of the restaurant on the Facebook post do not match the actual location and ambience. 

The owner of the restaurant said that he is not sure if anyone actually waived the bill and even if someone did, then that person no longer works at the restaurant. 

It could be a fabricated story for all we know now, but here is the thing – if it did inspire you to do good, then there is nothing that should take it away.