Shuffling through your wardrobe to find your favourite outfit at the last minute can be tedious if you have a messy closet. An organised closet is the solution to a well-kept bedroom. So, if you have a messy wardrobe then it’s time for you to go on a cleaning spree. Here are 7 easy steps that you can follow if you want to organize your wardrobe. 

1. A wardrobe cleanse is necessary. 

Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you or you don’t need anymore. Put aside your seasonal outfits that you don’t need at the moment. Be as ruthless as you can to clear the excess clutter that is taking up space in your wardrobe.

2. Don’t hang your sweaters, fold them. 

Sweaters take up more space if you hang them. Hanging your sweaters can also cause them to snag so, you should always fold your sweaters neatly and stack them one on top of the other to make space in your wardrobe. Just try not to make the pile too high.

3. Hang your clothes in an organised manner. 

Hang your pants in one area, collared shirts in one and dresses in another. You can also organize your clothes on the basis of length, occasion or season. Just make sure you buy high quality hangers that won’t break easily.

4. Colour code your outfits. 

You can also arrange your clothes by colour. This might seem like a tedious task but this is the simplest and the quickest way to sort your wardrobe and pick out what you want to wear without creating a mess.

5. Have shelves or hangers. 

If you have too many bags, store them on shelves. You can also hang your handbags on clothing hangers or use shower hooks to hang them.

6. Keep your drawers tidy and organised. 

Fold your clothes and arrange them neatly in your drawers. Arrange your shirts and pants horizontally to consume little space. You can also buy a drawer divider for smaller items like socks, lingerie and belts.

7. Create storage space for your shoes.

If you don’t have a shoe rack, make your own shoe storage space. You can always put your shoes on shelves, cubbies or on the floor.

Keep it clean and simple.