Among the many things that most religions around the world share, oddly enough, people possessed by ghosts and spirits seem to be prevalent in all faiths. And that makes exorcism rituals very necessary. 

It is also interesting to note that all exorcism rituals, no matter if they are happening in India, Mexico, or Ethiopia, are creepy AF, and will either make you go “What in God’s name!” or give you goosebumps. Or both. 

These rituals are bids to drive out demons or other spirits from the host person, or an area, that they are believed to have possessed.

And if the idea isn’t creepy enough for you to hear about, here are some pictures for you.

There are different kinds of “fits” that the possessed person has. 

It may be the one where they don’t stop crying.

Or the one in which they are in constant pain.

Then there are the ones where the possessed are constantly angry. 


Or confused and lost.

Even in India, there are many temples and religious places where the possessed are taken. 


People believe that they need to be blessed by a priest or pastor for the spirits to escape them. 

 Sometimes, the possessed need to swear an oath. 

The exorcism rituals depend on the views of the exorcist.

Sometimes exorcists consider idols to be a source of evil and a home for demons. 

All around the world, pastors have different ways to perform the exorcism. 

And it can get pretty intense. 

And wild. 


Sometimes not so much. 

But it is all done in the hope that the demonic spirit leaves the host. 

Sometimes, an elaborate ritual is performed. 


And it doesn’t make for a pretty sight.

You would think it is a funny sight to behold but in that moment, it is anything but that. 


In Islam, exorcism is called ruqya, and is used to repair the damage believed to be caused by black magic.

And many people in India believe black magic is a source of a lot of unhappiness, bad luck, and darkness in one’s life. 

And if you want to know more about exorcism in India, watch this

Photos by David Tesinsky and Jan Sochor, unless mentioned otherwise.