Do you train? And over the last couple of years have you found yourself increasingly eyeing new things to add to your ‘sweat it out’ wardrobe? Believe us, it’s a shared feeling. With time, fitness and fashion have crossed each other’s paths and we have to say, the tryst has been amazing! From the funky and comfortable sports shoes to the very fashionable and sexy clothing line, these awesome fitness trends have kept us motivated to stay fit. 

So here are a few fitness fashion trends that will not only motivate you to sweat it out but to sweat it out in style.

1.Tailored Track Pants

Today, tailored track pants are as important on men’s runways as they are in the weight room. After all, who doesn’t like it when comfort and style come together?


2. Fitness Bands

Keeping on top of your fitness progress and goals is now super easy and hot!. A fitness band like Fitbit Blaze simplifies making a style statement with easily switchable bands (that can match your workout gear) while keeping a track of your fitness goals at the same time.


3. Sports Innerwear

Who can ignore the genius way designers have worked on sports innerwear? It has been modified such that now staying fit has nothing to do with worrying about sweat patches! 


4. Running shoes

From the flashing neons to the awesome black and white ones, running shoes are all set to become fashion statements this year. It’s time you put your online stalking skills to use!


5. Super Accommodating Holdalls

Smartly making space for all that you have to carry with you, this version of duffel bags is a blessing for all the men out there. I mean, it carries your clothes, your protein shake, your shoes and still makes space for things you’d need if you’re directly heading to the office after sweating it out in the gym!


6. Graphic shorts

As cool as they might look, these shorts can also be defined as comfort beauties! After all, who wouldn’t love to wear a plain tee with a nice pair of graphic shorts on a lazy day?


7. Patterned leggings

From printed to textured styles and from yoga to dance, patterned leggings have become a popular trend and nobody can deny the fact!


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