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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’d probably know that one of India’s biggest dance festivals is underway right now. The Breezer Vivid Shuffle is a one-of-a-kind Hip-Hop dance fest that has got everyone, from choreographers to enthusiasts, hooked. It’s a platform that’s giving Hip-Hop lovers a chance to show off their crazy moves to the entire country and make jaws drop. Recently, as a part of the festival, Breezer also launched the #TheShuffleMove challenge, inviting people to show-off their signature or power moves that gets their groove on. 

To give the fans a bit of inspiration, Shakti Mohan laid down the gauntlet and showed everyone how it’s really done. 

Following Shakti Mohan, even the judges who’ll be at the Shuffle Vivid Fest. showed off their smooth moves and set the ball rolling. 

Judge Funkey showing some insane popping-n-locking moves.

And this is Shane Mendes, aka Bboy Shane showing the participants how it’s done.  

Taking a cue from Shakti Mohan and the judges, hopeful contestants started showing off their moves. Here are some of the craziest entries that #TheShuffleMove challenge has got so far:

my #choreography on #ekpalkajeena @breezerindia @breezervividshuffle #TheShuffleMove

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Wow! These were some really adrenaline pumping dance moves. If you feel that even you have some moves that can set the stage on fire then take part in #TheShuffleMove Challenge. Five lucky winners and their friends will get a chance to win all access passes to Breezer Vivid Shuffle Finale and even a meet-n-greet with Varun Dhawan and other celebrities. 

And while you are flexing and warming-up, here’s the song you all need to move to. You can download the song here!

Make sure you send in your entries at the earliest, this contest ends on the 6th of November, 2017.