Sponsored by Honor

For a lot of us, Diwali is the festival meant for family-bonding. It’s that one time in the year when we all head back home, help each other in decking up the place and celebrate the feeling of being together. More than the rituals and other festivities, it is these small moments that make this time filled with happiness. We talk to our parents about all those things that being away doesn’t allow us to.

Speaking of which, this new video by Honor is a heartening watch that shows how a father and a son decide to be each other’s true friend and move past the strict dad – quiet son equation. It was so adorable to see them talk in a cool lingo that it instantly made me call my dad. I mean, this is what the festival is all about, right? Lighting up our homes and relationships alike. On that note, here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Head home, have a great one with your fam and while you do that, check out the beautiful video that urges #YeDiwaliHonorWali!

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