The family doesn’t have enough resources for the expensive treatment and you can do your bit to help them out. Even a small donation will go a long way in helping them. Here’s the link to the site where you can make your contribution.

All I want for him is to have a childhood. I want him to go to school, fight about not wanting to do his homework and pull pranks on me and his mom. 

What’s the worst thing that happened to you today? You were stuck in traffic? Your boss is rude? You didn’t get the call you have been expecting?


All of these inconveniences seem small when put into perspective after reading this woman’s story (originally posted by Humans of Bombay) of her grandchild suffering from cancer. 

He’s my first grandchild so I’d pamper him to no extent. When he was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 7.
Facebook/Humans of Bombay

Now as if this were not difficult enough, there was financial crunch and the pressure from society.

 My daughter sold her home, jewellery and anything else… her husband was in Abu Dhabi, trying to earn whatever he could. So, many people taunted her for coming back to her mother’s house after marriage, but little did they know, she had no other choice.
Raelen Byrne

Her grandchild is a fan of Rajinikanth. As a kid he’d like how one guy fought against 20 and defeat them. He also defeated cancer eventually. 

I watched him fight the biggest battle of his life, a lot harder than Rajinikanth. My daughter got permission to homeschool him. Eventually, his dad lost his job and had to come back. After 3 years of chemo, I saw him recover slowly through heavy doses of medicines and injections.
Brainchild Mag

But it reared its head back, again. This time during a routine check-up a few days after he turned 15. 

We were devastated. We packed up everything and rushed him to the hospital. The doctor informed us that he would need a bone marrow transplant. The surgery is something we cannot afford, even if we give up everything we currently own. 
Impact Guru

At 15, when a child’s worries are not wanting to go to school and watching TV for a little longer, her grandchild wonders if he will survive. 

And this time, all Rayan asked me was if he would live. I didn’t know what to say.

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