Men seem to have it tough when they’re faced with the never-ending quest of how to impress a woman. 

Shower them with expensive gifts? Give them mid-night surprises? Or remember all birthday and anniversary dates? Well, seems like a theme park in Japan has come up with a one-stop solution. 

In Hirakata theme Park in Osaka, Japan, men are given a chance to flex their muscles to impress their date.

Yes, there’s a “fight package” you can buy at the theme park! While you’re strolling around the park, the ‘bad guys’ will come and try to pick a fight by saying offensive words about your date. So all you need to do is fume with anger and throw a punch or two in their face and..umm..boost your ego. 

Straight out of a Bollywood film, right?

But wait. You can’t just beat up the goons! If you take up this package, you’re required to attend a class to make sure that your fake punches look believable. 

This isn’t the only bizarre thing that this park offers. You can take other packages too, like living your dream of being a bomb diffuser, obviously fake, and be hailed as a saviour! Or get caught in a situation where you’re the only one to help someone who urgently needs blood!  

Well, that’s quite an interesting idea to let people feel like superheroes, ain’t it?