As they say, love knows no boundaries. It does not know how to distinguish between religion and nationality and race and that is something we should always be grateful for but tend to forget easily. Here is one such beautiful story that proves that life truly is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

He was a driver in Dharamshala and she was his passenger. All it took was a conversation and things changed for them for good. This is the story of Raju and his beautiful wife Roza, who are more than an adorable couple hopelessly in love – they are partners in realising the gifts that life has to offer. 

Nothing much has changed since the first time they met. It appears that their love for each other has only grown over the passing of days. They also have named each other – she is the egg and he is the bird.

This was Roza’s second marriage and Raju had to fight his family’s wishes to marry her. And in return, she became his strongest support system. 

They find enough time to look after each other. However, they still seem to be in sheer disbelief to have met each other and appear utterly grateful to life for this surprise. They consider it nothing less than a fairytale. 

Watch their story here in this video by 101 India

Does this not make one believe in destiny and the surprises life can spring on anyone anytime?