You know how most people have a craving for some nice dessert after a meal?

Well, I’m no exception. 

Just that for me, a meal doesn’t end with a dessert. 

It HAS to end with saunf and mishri.

Yes I love some good dessert after a nice meal. 

But I hate it… Actually, hate is an understatement. I abhor it when there’s no saunf and mishri afterwards. 

Irrespective of how good a meal I might’ve had, my mood goes for a toss. 


It’s like saunf and mishri are made for each other.

Like Jai and Veeru.

Like Amar and Prem.

Like Raj and Simran.

The flavour lingers long after you’ve chewed it.

The way mishri crunches around in your mouth and just mixes with the aroma of the roasted saunf  is something that can’t be put into words.

‘Cause your mouth is full.


But, it’s only fun eating it if both of them are brought to you separately. 

Not pre-mixed.

Which is why, we need to talk about a certain kind of blasphemy called the sugarcoated saunf a.k.a farzi ka fennel.



And you know what’s worse than this deviation? 

This colourful heap of shit right here.

I mean why? WHY?


I mean seriously, why would anybody do that? 

Eating saunf and mishri is a process, okay. It’s an experience. 

You take some mishri. You take some saunf. You mix them both together. And then you eat it.

That’s how you do it.

And that’s how it’s always been done. 

Which is why, the sugarcoated saunf sucks. Not only does it deny you that experience, it tastes too artificial.

It’s an artificial mess.

It tastes like sugar had an extra marital affair with the worst quality of saunf on the planet.

Which is why, as a kid, and even as a full grown man today, I can’t help but chomp down fistfuls of saunf  like a maniac.

So this is what the drill looks like. 

The saunf and mishri is brought out.

I take some in a spoon, very courteously. 

And then, I wait for 5 minutes.

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After which, I take another spoonful. 

And then finally, while leaving, I take fistfuls of it so that I can relish it on my way out.

Now this part, I have to do very discreetly. 

Because it makes me look bhukkad AF.

But what do I do? There’s something divine about eating this combination. 

It’s a burst of flavours in your mouth. And you just don’t need to be careful about the amount of saunf and mishri you combine. 

Irrespective of the proportion you take, the flavours somehow always work out.

Oh and also, damp saunf is no fun. It has to be crisp and roasted.

And it’s not all just taste. Saunf has some amazing health benefits as well.

Not only does it kill the bad breath producing bacteria, it’s also known to improve cramps and assisting the digestive process. 

Oil and seeds

So the next time you see a bowl of of saunf and mishri at your disposal, you know what to do.