The chilly winter weather seems like a welcome change after the insane sweating of summers. But certain everyday things become awfully difficult with the homecoming of winters.

1. Waking up in the morning 

The struggle starts with the beginning of the day. Who wants to say goodbye to their comfy warm blanket?

2. Taking a shower 

Are you too guilty of making this everyday thing occasional in winters!?

3. Stepping outside the house 

Work, school or errands. It’s all painful!

4. Changing clothes 

Those few minutes of frosty air against the skin are enough to send shivers down your spine.

5. Getting up to pee in the middle of the night 

This only leads to you cursing your bladder!

6. Walking bare-foot on the floor

Feels like walking on ice. Ouch.

7. Walking around with so many layers of clothes 

*Pats self for moving limbs properly.*

8. Driving amidst the mist and fog 

Winter welcomes you with never-ending foggy roads. Gear up for the aching task of finding your way in the blur!

9. Stench of socks and smelly feet 

It can be such a misery in a crowded place!

10. Getting into bed 

Ultimate delight, right? It’s still a sour battle with the ice-cold sheets.

11. Pooping

Add jet-spray to the cold toilet seat numbing your ass, even shitting is a task during winters.

12. Wearing glasses 

Get ready for the annoying routine of wiping foggy glasses throughout winter.

13. Static hair sticking out in all directions 

No one can escape the crazy hairstyles gifted by the cold season, right?!

14. Chapped lips 

Winters cometh! Time to stock up chapsticks, people!

15. Figuring out whether the clothes are still wet or just cold 

The misery doesn’t end with washing clothes, now get confused over the clothes you hung out to dry.

16. Maintaining a decent hairstyle underneath the woolen cap

Take off the cap and disaster awaits. Good hair days are so rare during winters!

17. Writing with frozen fingers

Ah, those hateful early morning exams.

18. Keeping cold and sickness at bay

Hello, communicable diseases in the air! Even an apple a day can’t ensure keeping the doctor away in winters.

These struggles are nothing new, but will leave you feeling a little blue.