Whenever we read an article about a Twitter user, it’s hardly ever a positive story. But, this one is different. Amidst all the negativity we usually see on Twitter, this tweet by Visha Suchde is winning everyone’s heart.


This simple, yet brilliant idea was loved by everyone and many Twitter users decided that they will start doing something like this.

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Meanwhile, Visha is totally confused about why such a simple thing which she is doing from the past 10 years is getting an overwhelming response. In a chat with ScoopWhoop, she said

You know I didn’t even think this was such a big deal! I mean I’ve just done it almost as a habit after a while. Quite surprised at the response I’ve gotten here.

Although, the experiences she had weren’t always pleasant but she stays quite positive about the whole thing.

I was at this signal which was unending and I gave one to this boy. He was like can I get one for my sister and pointed towards her? And I said, no, you get her here, because I wasn’t sure he’d share. She came but got like 15 other kids along and I ran out of biscuits and they wouldn’t let me go. It was a bit of a struggle to get out.

But, then she discovered some hard-working people too.

I tried giving it to a kid who was selling toys once. And she was like, I’m not begging. Buy my toy. Which in a sense was quite heartening to see.

Your generosity and modesty surely deserved some appreciation, Visha. Be proud that you inspired so many around you to do something for the less fortunate.