We may have never really spoken to our friendly neighbourhood grocery guy, but there’s one shopkeeper we love to listen to. When he starts talking, we just can’t look away. Amazon decided to hand over their shop for a day to our beloved shopkeeper, Gaurav Gera, who handled their #apnidukaan exactly the way he handles his own. Here are some outrageously funny responses he gave to customer queries while on his new job. 

1. Koi jawaab?

2. Aww!

3. This is the truth. 

4. Those midnight shopping urges are all too familiar! 

5. There is some great life advice in here. 

6. This one’s for all you bearded men out there. 

7. Speaking of returning things… 

8. Things that money can’t buy. 

9. Here’s why there is just no point stressing. 

10. Who wants to have a cup of coffee with Shopkeeper? 

11. Look at him blushing. :heart:

12. Now, that’s a valid question. 

Haven’t had enough? Check out more of Shopkeeper’s witty responses on Amazon’s Twitter page here

Feature image has been sourced from tribune.com