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My entire childhood has been dedicated to love; love for chocolates! No matter what occasion, I’ve always looked forward to indulging in a few sweet treats. By a few sweet treats I mean, lots and lots of chocolates. Just like every other stubborn kid, I relentlessly argued with my mom over replacing my staple diet with chocolate (I still do…). And just like every other typical mother, she just wouldn’t give in to my (totally valid) demands and force-fed me different veggies, juices, and worst of all… milk. Don’t even get me started about milk; my mortal childhood enemy. I hated it ardently, and that too to an extent that our plants were daily (and secretly) irrigated… With milk, of course! The thought of drinking a glass of that creamy white stuff totally grossed me out. My mom would add milk in my breakfast cereals and snacks, but sadly, she couldn’t trick me into it.

The meme that says “Everyone’s falling in love and I’m just like eating my cake,” is literally the most relatable thing I’ve ever come across on the Internet. 

Now that I’m in my early 20’s and realise the importance of protein in our daily diet; I finally understood why my mom ran after me with a glass of milk. I can totally relate to the face of utter disgust my little cousin makes when he’s given a glass of milk every night. Kudos to all the moms for force-feeding us milk knowing that their little brats will never understand the value of rich proteins and nutrients. 

Talking about brats, my aunt got a new snack for my little cousin and he literally cannot stop eating it; which is a surprise ’cause this snack has milk in it. Yes, Pillsbury’s new Choco Milky ‘2 in 1’ Cookie Cake comes in a magical flavour of milk and chocolate and let’s just say it’s his (and mine too) new favourite snack. The Choco Milky flavour is a divine combination of milk and chocolate in a soft-baked cookie, that literally melts in the mouth, giving you the heavenly feel of double flavour, double mazaa! I apologize if I made you hungry, but don’t y’all wanna try it? Our moms would be so happy! 

 So go on, and satisfy your sweet tooth. Because who would want to miss cake ka mazaa ab cookie mein?