“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.”

Death is inevitable. But what makes a difference is how you fight for life. A life that would be meaningful for you and your loved ones. 

This beautiful poem ‘Abhi Main Mar Nahin Sakta‘ by Hussain Haidry is all about not giving up and fighting till the end.

He starts his poem with the thought that even though he wants to die, he can’t because there are a lot of things to be done. A lot of tasks to be completed.

This is that phase of his life when all of his close friends would get married. On a lighter note, he says that he doesn’t want to die so soon because he has to attend and enjoy his friends’ weddings.

And family? He wants to instill a sense of responsibility in his younger brother who is still a child so that he can take care of his family when he is no more.

This poem is for all those people who at some point in their lives thought of giving up. It is a reaffirmation that there’s a lot more to done and accomplished before you let go of everything.

There’s still a ray of hope in his heart. And he wants to ignite hope in the heart of that loved one who has lost all of it. 

You can listen to the complete poem here.

Design Credits: Muskan