Who goes to malls to shop?

People visit malls to romance, look at things they can’t afford or because they have nothing better to do. But apparently, some people actually shop at malls. And since the number of these people is quite small, most malls get generous with offers and discounts, especially around Diwali season, to encourage people to buy things while they’re loitering around. But this mall in Viman Nagar, Pune, isn’t one of them.  

Someone on Reddit shared this photo of ‘Exclusive Restroom Coupons’ he earned at (apparently) Phoenix MarketCity, Pune. And people lost their shit. 


If you find yourself asking, ‘dafuq is an exclusive restroom pass?’ you aren’t the only one. A lot of people wanted to know if these exclusive loos had (shit)pots of gold in them, or if shit smelled really nice in there. That isn’t the case.

The mall has other ‘non-exclusive’ loos that are clean and are open to everyone. But apparently, shopping for over a grand or using the mall’s parking for your vehicle gets you access to the ‘exclusive,’ ‘luxury’  loos, which you otherwise have to pay to use. 

So, what’s special about these luxury loos? Ready to get disappointed? Here goes:

Some people feel we need this shit, while some can’t get over the idea of ‘loo discrimination’ based on how much money one has and/or if they own a car. The discussion explores both sides of the argument and also randomly touches upon how much a hand job costs at mall spas.

So, which argument do you support, number one or number two?