Broken hearts are and always will be shitty AF. Every single time, to you, it’s like an atomic bomb, but to the world it’s just really cliché because in the end we all have the same experience. And as soon as it is over, we forget just how hard it was.


Turns out there’s a reason for us forgetting. Science-style. Turns out all those lyrics were really factually accurate. Studies have shown that love is literally like a drug. One that we’re heavily addicted to, when in a relationship.

And the aftermath of the break-up is not dissimilar to the devastating pain of withdrawal that a recovering addict goes through.

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And just like in rehab, it takes a certain period of time before you don’t depend on the drug any more for sanity.

Scientists observed that about three months after experiencing heartbreak, most participants were able to view the experience of being in the relationship as well as breaking up in a more positive light than they did in the beginning.

But there are things that you can do to egg the process on. Yep, science says so.

1. Find yourself a role-model

Studies have shown that will-power is actually contagious. So go on, find a person in your life or in pop culture that you admire for their strength – a ditched-the-ex-and-never-looked-back role model. And if they’re on your mind enough, you’re likely to simply fall in their footsteps.

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2. Set a goal, find a new love

Its easier to keep yourself from relapsing when you have a new ‘addiction’, so to speak. Start training for a marathon, or perhaps take up a hobby you’ve always meant to – be it cooking or blogging. Whatever your new passion, it will surely assist you in your quest to get over your ex.

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3. Look after yourself

Stress is the number one trigger in most addictions, including love. Feelings of exhaustion, anxiety or being overwhelmed can get you craving for that familiar embrace of your ex. So nip that stress-induced longing in the bud by taking great care of yourself.

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4. Don’t force thoughts about them away

Trying desperately to push something out of your mind will inevitably make it all you think about that much more. When the ex comes to your mind, don’t be alarmed, don’t take to mean anything. Remind yourself that he is a part of your past and that is likely t cross your mind once in a while. More importantly, remind yourself why he/she is only in your past and then go back to paying attention to the one that really deserves it. You.

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Here’s hoping these’ll help you heal your broken heart. But fear not, even if nothing works, time heals all. Three months, remember? So just hang in there.