Nudity, especially in the Indian context, is often looked at with unmissable shame and stigma. We do live in a rather restrictive world when it comes to freedom for what one does with his or her body.

Nudists around the world, as a community, believe in the complete dissolution of the norms and expectations that bind us, to let the human form roam the earth free of limitations. And several influential people, nudists themselves or not, have spoken out in support of this freedom.

Let these quotes inspire you to respect the boundlessness of the body, to admire it in all its unconcealed beauty, to love it for what it is.

I write this in the hope that among these words, you may find a few that’d inspire you to take the time to look at your extraordinary form uninhibited by clothing, and more importantly, uninhibited by shame.

Art Credit: Vineet K. Rana