You may be well past the age to believe in Christmas miracles, but for this 107-year-old woman, a Christmas wish did come true.

A young woman, Dipali Sikand, from Bengaluru took to Twitter to express her 107-year-old grandmother’s birthday request – to meet the ‘handsome politician’, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi. 

Much to the surprise of both granddaughter and grandmother, Rahul Gandhi did respond to that tweet, by wishing the old lady a happy birthday accompanied with a virtual hug! 

While this was a sweet gesture in itself, Rahul Gandhi added a cherry on the cake by calling up and extending a personal wish over the phone as well. 

Obviously the old lady was ecstatic, and Dipali took to Twitter, that had originally started the whole thing, to express her gratitude as well.

This gesture was not lost on Twitterati either, who commended Rahul on the same. 

Social media can’t be all that bad, when such sweet things can be accomplished via Twitter!