Let’s face it – the 5 minutes of extra time does NOT make up for lost sleep, so you might as well make it on time for work. Sleep a little early if you love the bed so much but let’s ditch the snooze! Promise to drag yourself out of the bed every morning when the alarm goes off.

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s that time of the year when we decide on our new year resolutions. Now let’s face it – we are not going to quit smoking or start exercising everyday because we said so on the 1st of January. And what’s the point of resolving to do something we know we won’t live up to? So really let’s take it easy and decide on realistic resolutions.

  1. Not hit the snooze button


  2. Take selfies without filters

Learn to appreciate yourself. An additional filter cannot make you look like a pretty princess. Be confident and give the camera your warmest smile. Forget the filter – start being real!

  3. Carry a book everywhere  

Facebook, Netflix and the like has literally stripped us of the great reading habit. Carry a book with you wherever you go. Even if it’s in bits and pieces, you will end up reading quite a bit.



 4. Not drunk text the ex

Your relationship ended for a reason. Stop drunk texting the person who broke your heart. At best you’ll end up with is a one night stand and a bag full of regret. And worse, maybe your Mr Perfect is sitting at the next bar stool when you’re busy wasting time on some idiot. Cut out the crap and move on. Have fun drinking instead of thinking of your ex.


5. Take a social media break  

Every year we promise to take time out for ourselves and all we do is get stuck on Facebook and YouTube. It’s high time you take a break from the laptop screen. Your 24 hours will suddenly seem so much longer!


6. Not let anything get in the way of the burger (except the fries)

Burgers make you happy, and fries just add to that. Don’t cut down on the happiness – promise to finish that meal to your heart’s content! Don’t give a shit about that colleague who called you fat. Eat whatever you want and promise to feel good about yourself this year.


7. Stop focusing on bullshit

It doesn’t matter how many likes you got on a photograph, or who your ex is currently dating. Stop focusing on bullshit that doesn’t matter. There are better things out there suited for your attention – chocolate desserts and cute asses for example.


So which one is it going to be for you this year?