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The flavours of Indian spices are so strong that when I had a Romanian friend staying over, he’d touch food items only when I told him that they aren’t ‘too spicy’. Although days later, he was salivating over Tandoori Chicken. That’s the magic of Indian spices and chillies, they grow on you, in the form of uncountable dishes. And there’s nothing better than a pint of cold beer to wash them down!

Enter Bira 91 Hot Stuff, a fiery journey of food fanatics, Rocky and Mayur who’ll go to any length to discover the spiciest chilies and dishes of India.

The eccentric foodie duo will team-up with the widely popular flavours of Bira 91 i.e. the Light, Blonde, and White and bring back profound memories from Highway On My Plate. Adding to the pack will be the latest new flavour, the Bira 91 Strong. Now, we have four amazing flavors, two of the most authentic foodies in India, one journey that starts from Delhi and takes the spice route through seven other cities, making it a mouth-watering experience. This trailer perfectly captures the excitement that will brew when Rocky and Mayur hit the Indian roads once again and tell you what’s hot: 


It’s safe to say that the trailer is just 10% of the thrill that goes down, for the rest 90, you got to catch the full episode here. I, for one, am really excited to know where this duo is headed next, so should you, you just might bump into them!